The Weekender: ‘Black’ Heart

Movie of the Week

Black Sea
How long has it been since we’ve had a good submarine movie? Thinking… The answer is too long. And the underrated Kevin MacDonald (Touching the Void, The Last King of Scotland) is just the person to ratchet up the tension.

Black or White
The Loft
Project Almanac

Mommy – Angelika Dallas
2015 Oscar Nominated Shorts – The Magnolia, Angelika Plano

Blu-Ray Pick

Return to Me
Return to Me
Romantic comedies don’t get much sweeter or genuine than Bonnie Hunt’s directorial debut. David Duchovny could have easily gone this route instead of his lothario image. And Minnie Driver has rarely been better. It’s just a nice, low-key movie that we rarely get nowadays.

Art and Craft (91%)
Before I Go to Sleep (36%)
The Book of Life (82%)
The Color of Time (6%)
Days and Nights (0%)
Fury (78%)
The Judge (47%)
Miss Meadows (22%)
My Old Lady (59%)
Open Windows (34%)
Why Don’t You Play in Hell? (83%)

Downton Abbey (Season 5)

Amazing Grace (1974)
Henry V (1989)
A Hole in the Head
King: The Martin Luther King Story
La Ciénaga [The Criterion Collection]
Pork Chop Hill
The Replacements

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