Random Thoughts on House of Cards Season 2

Kevin Spacey in House of Cards

The latest season of House of Cards has been out on Netflix a month now. Here’s what I thought of it. Tons of spoilers ahead.

  • Frank threw Zoe in front of a moving train, Claire threatened to let a woman’s baby “wither and die” inside her womb, but the most unlikeable character was the FBI agent who threatened to crush Gavin’s guinea pig.
  • Speaking of Gavin, it’s hard to picture him as the No. 1 hacker in the U.S. and not ┬áLiam McPoyle.
  • Killing off Zoe and giving the CWI to Gillian was a quick but smart way to get out of the two stories that worked the least in Season One.
  • That said, I miss Zoe. Lucas, not so much.
  • I wonder if Meechum will end up using his not-at-all-sexy tryst with Frank and Claire as leverage in Season Three.
  • Interesting that Frank became President just like Gerald Ford, even though he’s very Nixonian.
  • Could have gone my whole life without knowing Feng’s sexual preferences.
  • Do you think Frank will pardon Raymond after all?
  • Hard to believe they were threatening impeachment for Garrett. He’s so boring, he’s more like Alan Alda in Canadian Bacon than someone capable of campaign finance violations. Yawn.
  • Biggest random a-hole in the whole show, the guy who referred to Xanax, an antidepressant, as a “mind-altering substance.”
  • Was there really a point to Rachel’s sudden lesbianism other than titillation?
  • Doug went from interesting to creepy in about five seconds this season.
  • Why are the episodes when Frank goes to the South so much more interesting than the ones when he’s in D.C.?
  • Molly Parker was excellent as Jacqueline Sharp. Great addition.
  • Kudos to whoever figured out how to make Remy and Claire more than one-dimensional.
  • Most tragically realistic storyline: failure to get a bill passed that would put more oversight on the military prosecuting sexual assaults.
  • I wish Kristen Connelly (Christina) would have been around more, but I imagine she was shooting a movie or something.
  • Sad for Freddy. He didn’t deserve that.
  • Hard-hitting CNN interview? Gotta call B.S. on that.
  • Even though I think Season Two is superior in almost every way, no character is as interesting as Peter Russo.
  • Tea Party characters weren’t as asshole-ish as their real-life counterparts (Rubio and Paul/Cruz). But I loved the image of them in handcuffs.
  • Seth was a better character but why did he need to be introduced? What was wrong with Connor?
  • Gerald McRaney was great as Raymond Tusk. Now if we could just get Dabney Coleman involved somehow.
  • Is Doug dead? I hope they’re not getting into a habit of killing off the most interesting character every season.
  • Best last shot of any season finale ever? Tap-tap.
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