Every Episode of Seinfeld, Ranked in Tiers

I recently finished a rewatch of Seinfeld on Netflix, so I figured I’d do something I haven’t done in two years: I’ll rank every episode in tiers. Some rules: Nothing in Season 1 is up to the highs of the show’s best, and only a handful of episodes in the final season are.

So here are my rankings. Disagree away!

Season 1

Season 2
“The Apartment”
“The Deal”
“The Chinese Restaurant”

Season 3
“The Pen”
“The Library”
“The Parking Garage”
“The Subway”
“The Fix-Up”
“The Boyfriend”

Season 4
“The Cheever Letters”
“The Opera”
“The Virgin”
“The Contest”
“The Pick”
“The Outing”
“The Implant”
“The Junior Mint”

Season 5
“The Puffy Shirt”
“The Dinner Party”
“The Marine Biologist”
“The Hamptons”
“The Opposite”

Season 6
“The Race”
“The Beard”
“The Jimmy”
“The Fusilli Jerry”

Season 7
“The Engagement”
“The Wink”
“The Sponge”
“The Wait Out”
“The Invitations”

Season 8
“The Bizarro Jerry”
“The Little Kicks”
“The Chicken Roaster”
“The Abstinence”
“The Little Jerry”
“The Pothole”
“The English Patient”
“The Summer of George”

Season 9
“The Merv Griffin Show”
“The Slicer”
“The Betrayal”
“The Burning”

Season 1

Season 2
“The Ex-Girlfriend”
“The Phone Message”
“The Revenge”
“The Heart Attack”
“The Busboy”

Season 3
“The Café”
“The Pez Dispenser”
“The Limo”
“The Keys”

Season 4
“The Wallet”
“The Watch”
“The Bubble Boy”
“The Airport”
“The Pilot”

Season 5
“The Mango”
“The Barber”
“The Conversion”
“The Wife”

Season 6
“The Pledge Drive”
“The Secretary”
“The Switch”
“The Label Maker”
“The Scofflaw”
“The Doorman”

Season 7
“The Soup Nazi”
“The Gum”
“The Rye”
“The Shower Head”
“The Calzone”

Season 8
“The Foundation”
“The Soul Mate”
“The Checks”
“The Andrea Doria”
“The Comeback”
“The Van Buren Boys”
“The Yada Yada”

Season 9
“The Voice”

Season 1
“The Seinfeld Chronicles” (Pilot)
“Male Unbonding”
“The Stock Tip”

Season 2
“The Pony Remark”
“The Jacket”
“The Statue”
“The Baby Shower”

Season 3
“The Note”
“The Truth”
“The Tape”
“The Nose Job”
“The Stranded”
“The Alternate Side”
“The Red Dot”
“The Suicide”
“The Good Samaritan”
“The Letter”
“The Parking Space”

Season 4
“The Trip, Part 2”
“The Pitch”
“The Ticket”
“The Movie”
“The Visa”
“The Old Man”
“The Smelly Car”

Season 5
“The Bris”
“The Non-Fat Yogurt”
“The Cigar Store Indian”
“The Pie”
“The Raincoats”

Season 6
“The Chaperone”
“The Chinese Woman”
“The Couch”
“The Soup”
“The Kiss Hello”
“The Doodle”
“The Face Painter”

Season 7
“The Hot Tub”
“The Caddy”
“The Cadillac”
“The Wig Master”

Season 8
“The Package”
“The Fatigues”
“The Money”
“The Susie”
“The Nap”
“The Muffin Tops”

Season 9
“The Butter Shave”
“The Serenity Now”
“The Blood”
“The Junk Mail”
“The Dealership”
“The Reverse Peephole”
“The Wizard”
“The Maid”

Season 1
“The Stake Out”
“The Robbery”

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4
“The Trip, Part 1”
“The Shoes”
“The Handicap Spot”

Season 5
“The Glasses”
“The Sniffing Accountant”
“The Lip Reader”
“The Masseuse”
“The Stall”
“The Fire”

Season 6
“The Big Salad”
“The Mom & Pop Store”
“The Diplomat’s Club”
“The Understudy”

Season 7
“The Postponement”
“The Maestro”
“The Secret Code”
“The Pool Guy”
“The Doll”
“The Friars Club”
“The Bottle Deposit”

Season 8
“The Millennium”

Season 9
“The Apology”
“The Strongbox”
“The Bookstore”
“The Frogger”

Season 5
“The Stand-In”

Season 6
“The Gymnast”

Season 7
“The Seven”

Season 8

Season 9
“The Cartoon”
“The Finale”

Season 9
“The Puerto Rican Day”

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