What I Watched This Week: 8 May 2016

Silicon Valley – “Meinertzhagen’s Haversack” (A-)
A show that has the balls to set in motion a plan to upend the season, and then the comedic chops to undo it in five seconds set to the strains of Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison.” Zach Woods has secretly been the MVP of this season.

Veep – “The Eagle” (A-)
Another knockout episode in Nevada, thanks especially to the award-worthy hijinks of Martin Mull, revealing that’s he’s not just old and cranky, but possibly insane too. And Matt Walsh totally sold the horror of saying “POTUS is tweeting!”

The Mindy Project – “Bernardo & Anita” (B+)
Grapples with race, albeit in a way that’s not quite serious as it needs to be. Had they cut the subplot about Jody and Morgan trying to date a virgin (which I don’t really see going anywhere), there could have been a few more scenes to really have Mindy reckon with her heritage and how that affects raising her son. Still, it was consistently hilarious.

The Americans – “The Day After” (A-)
Not quite as sensational and packed as the last episode, but we as the audience need some time to adjust to the time-jump. Paige is driving now and leery of her continued surveillance on Pastor Tim. But it’s the second half of this episode, where Elizabeth agonizingly seduces her (actual) best friend’s husband for blackmail. It’s filled with dread and not the least bit sexy. No other show would do that.

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