What I Watched This Week: 5 Apr 2020

Better Call Saul – “Bagman” (A)
An absolutely phenomenal episode from a terrific season, bringing in the big guns (Vince Gilligan) to direct a harrowing and thrilling survival episode, with Jimmy and Mike stranded in the desert after a money hand-off goes wrong. Its final moments reminded me of “Crawl Space,” with the last remnants of Jimmy dying off and Saul emerging in full.

Briarpatch – “Game Theory and Mescaline” (B+)
They picked the wrong week to do a desert survival episode, but it’s still excellent. I know “Guest Actor in a Limited Series” isn’t an award at the Emmys, but if it was, Timothy Simons would win it for this episode.

Schitt’s Creek – “Happy Ending” (A) / series finale
A fully joyous, occasionally filthy farewell to the Roses. Probably should have been an hour, but it was still a fitting bon voyage.

Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt’s Creek Farewell (B)
And this should have been a half-hour. Eventually, Canadians run out of ways to be complimentary.

Modern Family – “Finale” (B) / series finale
Serviceable. Adequate. Amusing. A fitting ending to a show that used to be the funniest thing on TV, but never met a sitcom cliché it didn’t love.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Valloweaster” (A)
Another triumphant heist episode, with its knottiest plot yet.

Community – Season 1 (B+ average)
Rewatching this show on Netflix has been a delight. The show still had to find its itself in the first season, but basically had it down by Christmas. It’s been much easier to run through it without commercials, speeding up the bonds between the study group.

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