What I Watched This Week: 30 May 2021

Mare of Easttown – “Sacrament” (A-) / limited series finale
A satisfying, devastating finale, with acting showcases from Kate Winslet and Julianne Nicholson. This is going to be hard for any show to top.

The Handmaid’s Tale – “Testimony” (A-)
Finally, the gambles the show is taking are paying off. It’s a bold move to have June, finally free, regaining her power to become a worse person, thriving on others’ misery and anger. There seems to be no way this will end positively, but I have no idea where they’re going to take it.

Bo Burnham: Inside (A-)
All descriptions of this show being “revolutionary” or “essential” are overblown. This is essentially Bo’s usual shtick, but the single location forced him to be even more creative than usual.

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