What I Watched This Week: 3 Feb 2019

Crashing – “The Secret” (A-)
Another winner, even if I don’t buy into the hippie bullshit premise. Kat is such a positive force in Pete’s life that it’s been magical to watch.

True Detective – “If You Have Ghosts” (B)
An explosive opening and emotionally powerful closing, but in between it’s a lot of red herrings and plot filler.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “A Tale of Two Bandits” (B)
Even though Nicole Byer is wonderful as Trudy Judy, this feels like the least consequential, least special of the Pontiac Bandit episodes. But at least we have Dancing Amy..

True Detective – “The Hour and the Day” (B+)
One disastrous scene (with Carmen Ejogo and Mamie Gummer, proving creator Nic Pizzolatto can’t write for one woman, let alone two) keeps this from being the show’s standout episode. Other than that, it’s a tremendous mastery of plot, emotion and tension.

This Is Us – “Songbird Road, Part 1” (B+)
The Jack stuff is pretty anti-climactic, but it serves the kids’ story better. Maybe Jack wasn’t actually perfect, but casting Griffin Dunne as the older Nick is.

Grace and Frankie – Season 5 (B+)
Another winning season, even if it ends with a grotesque “What If?” episode. This is one of my favorite shows that I’ll never put among the greats. It’s just TV comfort food.

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