What I Watched This Week: 28 May 2017

Veep – “Blurb” (A)
Also known as Timothy Simons’ Emmy submission episode. Jonah shuts down the government over not getting invited to Selina’s portrait unveiling, which in turn she shuts down since it’s no longer a glitzy affair, and doesn’t get President Montez’s fawning words or Tom James’ dick.

Silicon Valley – “Customer Service” (B+)
A somewhat shaky episode, mainly because I will never buy Richard as a romantic leading man and especially not as a sexual interloper. Yet Ehrlich poaches a huge client (a bearded, Hawaiian shirt-clad Haley Joel Osment) for Monica in a desperate attempt to prove his worth. That I’m excited to see even though I know T.J. Miller won’t be on the show next season.

Twin Peaks
“The Return, Part 3” (A)
“The Return, Part 4” (A)
Whatever reservations I had in the two-part premiere are basically gone. We didn’t get any new details about the murders in South Dakota, instead spending nearly the full two hours with Coop in his various forms, with images both frightening (his scenes in those locked rooms after getting ejected from the box) and hilarious (basically everything after he emerges and takes over Dougie’s body). Even when things grind to a halt to meet Wally Brando Brennan (Michael Cera), there’s still plenty of humor and oddity to enjoy. Never change, David Lynch.

The Americans – “The Soviet Division” (A) / season finale
This season has of course been slower than in seasons past – and yes, it was already a slow show – but anyone who thinks this represents a significant downgrade is out of their mind.  The show marks a major decision: Philip and Elizabeth are going home, or are they? It sets up the shortened final season as one fraught with making one damaging choice or another. I can’t wait.

The Handmaid’s Tale – “Jezebels” (B)
A bizarre episode that finds Commander Waterford sneaking Offred out to a sex club, where she reunites with Moira, only both of them are worse off. Flashbacks for Nick reveal he’s been a spy this whole time, which creates some interesting angles, since snitching on his Commander could mean death for Offred.

The Handmaid’s Tale – “The Other Side” (B+)
This exploration of Luke’s survival is almost as compelling as what’s happening in Gilead. Some would argue it’s unnecessary, but given how much this show will need to expand on the novel to keep the show going, this story is well done.

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