What I Watched This Week: 24 May 2015

Community – “Wedding Videography” (A-)
Yet another episode in which the group questions the benefit of staying together. But like so much of this season, it’s pulled off the same storyline in beautiful fashion. Keith David is the real MVP of this episode, relapsing into his addiction of complimenting white people.

Louie – “The Road, Part 2” (A-) / season finale
A solid end to a short but sweet season. Louie continues to find the profound in the mundane and characters rarely have more honest conversations than they do on this show.

Family Guy (Season 3) – “To Live and Die in Dixie” (A)
My favorite episode of the show by a good distance. Sure, they pile on the jokes about Southerners, but the ending proves they’re not all slack-jawed yokels. Also contains some of my favorite jokes, including Peter handing an armed robber a picture of his son, complete with a class schedule and list of fears on the back; and a DJ announcing the song that just played as “That was Merle Haggard with ‘I Kissed My Sweetie with My Fist.'”

Seinfeld (Season 2) – “The Chinese Restaurant” (A)
A classic, even without Kramer. So many trivial things that are both inconsequential today (e.g. waiting for a pay phone) yet still ring true (“We’re living in a society!”). Arguably the best bottle episode ever made.

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