What I Watched This Week: 20 Dec 2015

A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All! (A)
Still timeless and hilarious. This A.V. Club essay does a good job illuminating why it’s so good and why it was roundly rejected when it aired. But it’s still a must at Christmastime.

Community (Season 3) – “Regional Holiday Music” (A)
From a simpler time when Glee was worth mocking and Community was still on NBC. Taran Killam is one of this show’s greatest guest stars as Greendale’s murderous Glee Club sponsor, but it’s the core cast that does all the heavy lifting as they each get a show-stopping number. (Well, except Jeff. That would have been weird.) “Me so Christmas! Me so merry!”

The Simpsons (Season 9) – “King of the Hill” (B+)
Another fine entry in the show’s middle tier, this is a frequently uproarious episode that makes absolutely no sense in the context of the series. A treacherous mountain to summit? Never mentioned before or since. Wacky, possibly dangerous product? Never mentioned before or since. But it is another episode about Homer wanting to impress Bart, and that continues to resonate. Plus, one of my all-time favorite lines: “Homer, those are just filled with apple cores and Chinese newspapers!” [takes a bite] “Hey, Deng Xiaoping died!”

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