What I Watched This Week: 19 Nov 2017

Curb Your Enthusiasm – “Never Wait for Seconds!” (B+)
The “flip the tip” subplot is another case of having too much going on in a single episode, but the fatwa resolution and the disintegration of another one of Larry’s relationships is basically perfect.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Two Turkeys” (B+)
A truly delightful Thanksgiving episode that allows Holt to use his actual detective skills to solve a personal offense. But even better is the mini-West Wing reunion that sees Jake’s dad (Bradley Whitford) square off with Amy’s dad (Jimmy Smits).

This Is Us – “Number Two” (A)
The show wisely chooses not to show (or at least linger on) the moment of Kate’s miscarriage, instead focusing on the swirl of emotions for her and Toby in the immediate aftermath. This is TV melodrama at its absolute best.

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