What I Watched This Week: 19 Apr 2020

Killing Eve – “Management Sucks” (B)
Some strong individual scenes, including Villanelle’s latest kill and Fiona Shaw’s incredible scene eating lunch in her car, but it doesn’t quite come together as a whole.

Better Call Saul – “Something Unforgivable” (A) / season finale
For the past two seasons – and the past two episodes especially – we’ve feared for Kim’s life. But now that she’s survived Lalo (for now), we’re teased with a prospect of our straight arrow suffering a fate worse than death: becoming as corrupted as Jimmy/Saul.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Lights Out” (B+) / season finale
A big finish to a consistent if not exceptional season, with Santiago going into labor during a borough-wide blackout. The escalating obstacles get a bit ridiculous, but the show gives Hitchcock & Scully an unexpectedly sweet moment.

The Sopranos – Season 6, Part 1 (B+ average)
The weakest season to date, which still puts it far above most things to ever air on TV. I didn’t love the dream sequences, or the focus on Phil, but I thought the Vito storyline was terrific and tragic. But unlike many characters on this show, there apparently won’t be a limp to the finish.

Community – Season 3 (A- average)
Despite a few more bumps than in seasons past, the show still operated near its peak. While I didn’t always love the AC Repair School or Chang Dynasty storylines, there were always hilarious moments. This season really only had one dud in the bunch (its celebrity impressions episode).

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