What I Watched This Week: 18 Feb 2018

The Joel McHale Show – “Pickler, Pebbles, Pillows and Priestley” / series premiere (B+)
Literally everything you loved/hated about The Soup, just with fewer S&P restrictions. There’s even a mini-Community reunion, though Gillian Jacobs was curiously absent.

Crashing – “Artie” (A-)
A bittersweet episode, as Pete learns that Artie is still an addict, and any proclamations about wanting to do better don’t mean shit. It’s arguably the toughest episode this show has done, because Pete has to learn the uncomfortable truth, but not because of his naivete for once.

The Tick – Season 1, Part 2 (B+ average)
A little bit more like your standard superhero show than the first half of the season, but with way more eccentricities than any network would allow. My biggest issue is that Jackie Earle Haley plays the big bad, but then disappears for half the season. It slightly undercuts the finale. Still, I’m really glad this show exists and that we’re getting a second season (hopefully one without a huge break in the middle).

“Operation Showtime” (B+)
“Of Milk and Men” (B+)
Solid episodes that show the stand-off spiraling out of control, because both inside and outside the house, there are people undermining the authority of the two leaders. Though I’m sure much of this is fictionalized, it’s no wonder the situation ended so badly.

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