What I Watched This Week: 17 Oct 2021

Succession – “Secession” (A) / season premiere
An absolutely breathless premiere, with everyone’s worst instincts on display. It was absolutely delicious.

What We Do in the Shadows – “A Farewell” (A)
This episode features another great gaggle of guest stars, but the show actually reveals it has an emotional core, in addition to all its dick and fart jokes.

The Simpsons – “Treehouse of Horror XXXII” (B-)
A hit-or-miss affair as usual, but I didn’t mind the two shorter segments squeezed into here. While the Parasite parody left a little to be desired (it was mostly just jokes about “This is about class warfare, don’t you see?!”), the updated take on The Ring was terrific. A TikTok that kills people should have been dreadful, but it really worked, if not like a classic Halloween tale, then at least a good one from the double-digit years.

What We Do in the Shadows
“The Siren” (B+)
“The Wellness Center” (A)
The former featured some hilarious voicework from Natasia Demetriou, but it was a little repetitive coming right on the heels of “The Escape.” The latter was much sharper, with Nandor joining a vampire cult that denies their bloodlust in favor of ’80s-centric fitness.

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