What I Watched This Week: 15 Oct 2017

Curb Your Enthusiasm – “A Disturbance in the Kitchen” (B+)
More classic Curb. We haven’t had anything legendary this season, but this is the perfect Curb archetype, with an annoying situation coming full circle. There’s also a beautifully deployed Salman Rushdie cameo, who extols upon Larry the joys of fatwa sex.

The Mindy Project – “The Midwife’s Tale” (B+)
So swift and lovely, as Morgan and Tamra finally get back together. This show has a sneaky way of making characters you used to find annoying endearing again.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “HalloVeen” (A)
The most clever iteration of their annual Halloween heists, with a truly moving twist. If this ends up being the last season of the show (entirely possible, given its cratering ratings), it seems they’ll end it on a lovely note.

This Is Us – “Still There” (B+)
Blows right past Kevin’s potential pill addiction, and focuses on something more psychological: his dangerous desire to keep pushing ahead, to be a tough guy. Plus, Elizabeth Perkins is spot-on as the kids’ critical, racist grandmother.

The Good Place – “The Trolley Problem” (A)
Brilliantly brings to life one of philosophy’s major thought problems, but also gives D’Arcy Carden the spotlight as Tahani and Jason’s counselor. One of the most darkly funny episodes the show has ever done.

The Good Place – “Existential Crisis” (B)
Not nearly as bad as I had been led to believe, mainly because Ted Danson kicks it up a notch as Michael, suffering from major ennui, which he counteracts with full-blown douchebaggery.

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