What I Watched This Week: 13 Jan 2019

True Detective
“The Great War and Modern Memory” (B+) / season premiere
“Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” (B+)
The show will never be as transporting as that first season was, when there wasn’t much on TV like it. Still, Mahershala Ali is tremendous, and the case is already more compelling and more focused than it was in its first season, with less pontificating about the nature of existence.

This Is Us – “The Last Seven Weeks” (B+)
A pretty amazing feat for a show to course-correct within its own episode. But I could feel the Big Three acting like assholes, only for them to realize what they weren’t talking to their partners about and figuring it out in time for a mostly happy ending for everyone.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Hitchcock & Scully” (A-)
The show’s most reliable background source of laughter gets a surprisingly rich and strange backstory. While I’m still not crazy about the overcrowded office/feud with the chief storyline, the show is as warm and in its groove as ever.

The Good Place – “Chidi Sees the Time-Knife” (B+)
Would have been a solid finale, but I’m excited to see how everything goes awry in next week’s aptly titled “Pandemonium.”

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