What I Watched This Week: 11 Oct 2020

Saturday Night Live – “Bill Burr/Jack White” (B+)
The best episode the show’s had in 2020, if not a little before. Its cold open went on far too long with a parody of The Fly that doesn’t work. But Burr being antagonistic in his monologue and some truly dark jokes during Weekend Update made this show feel bold in a way it hasn’t in a very long time.

A West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote (B+)
A charming reunion and a strong reminder that if your vote wasn’t worth anything, people wouldn’t be trying so hard to take it away from you.

Beth Stelling: Girl Daddy (B+)
A funny, freewheeling hour that interweaves vital #MeToo points and a surprising number of bestiality jokes.

Ted Lasso – Season 1 (A- average)
Everything you heard about this show is true. It’s a warm and worthy successor to Schitt’s Creek, with an added underdog sports plot. Jason Sudeikis is stupendous, as is the ensemble cast.

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