What I Watched This Week: 1 Nov 2015

Fargo – “Fear and Trembling” (A)
“We’re out of balance.” “You and me?” “No. The world.” Those are the powerful lines from Lou near the end of this intense episode. Betrayal is the major theme of this episode, with Peggy cashing out their savings for a “wellness conference” (and also taking birth control while claiming to want to get pregnant by her husband) and Simone selling out the Gerhardt secrets to Mike. There’s a lot of blood spilled in this episode, but there’s a lot more coming. As Lou tells Ed and Peggy, “You’re already dead. You just don’t know it.”

The Mindy Project – “Later, Baby” (B)
Not a lot of laughs in this episode, at least not until the end. But this season has tackled a lot of disappointments of adult life, which has made the show better in a lot of ways. Peter (Adam Pally) makes a surprise return, showing just how little he’s matured since he moved away. (Though technically, he’s getting his immaturity out all at once since he’s pretty hen-pecked at home.) Mindy hasn’t adjusted to single parenthood very well, swearing off buying fruit altogether after one bad experience on the subway. But it’s Garret Dillahunt who saves the day (in both literal and figurative terms) as the fertility clinic’s financial savior/chief philanderer.

The Muppets – “The Ex-Factor” (B)
Piggy shows a surprisingly nice side when Kermit asks for her help in picking out a gift for his new girlfriend Denise. Look, the show doesn’t need to be nicer to be better. There’s nothing wrong with The Muppets per se. I just need more laughs per minute. Which is easier said than done, I know.

The Simpsons – “This Little Wiggy” (B-)
Bart finds a new friend in Ralph, but of course that’s only because Ralph has access to all his dad’s dangerous gear and the key to the city. The opening at the Springfield Knowledgeum is some of the best animation of the season, but the story doesn’t really have anywhere to go. Still, that elderly security guard at the abandoned prison has one of the most underrated lines ever: “Why do I always shout first? Just gives ’em a chance to run away. Well, I’m an idiot.”

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