TV Week: 31 Mar-6 Apr 2013

The Following – “Whips and Regret” (B-)
Despite getting bogged down with some of the worst dialogue since The Room, I really like where this show is going with the cult starting to crack. Despite the episode’s constant ick factor, this was the most interesting episode in quite a while.

Modern Family – “The Future Dunphys” (A-)
A near classic and maybe even the best episode this season. Read my review here.

The Americans – “Safe House” (A-)
The stakes get very personal in what might be the best episode yet. I love that these lives are so intertwined that, regardless of which side your on, any bad timing could spell your doom. Just brilliant. This should definitely be Toby Emmerich’s Emmy submission.

– “Herstory of Dance” (A)
Keep in mind this is a relative grade for this season. It’s easily the best episode of the fourth season, committed to its gags and given plenty of heart. I was so filled with joy watching this, something I haven’t felt in any show this year other than the Parks and Rec wedding.

Parks and Recreation – “Partridge” (B+)
A little bit of a waste of J.K. Simmons, but his presence is always welcome. Any episode that focuses on Ron will always be a winner in my book. And there hasn’t been a better sitcom villain than Councilman Jamm in quite some time.

Hannibal – “Apertif” / airs Thursdays at 9pm CDT on NBC (A-)
As much as I stay addicted to The Following, this adaptation of Red Dragon is far better acted, shot and written than that lurid thriller. Sadly, this one won’t stay on the air nearly as long.

See you later: Legit, Happy Endings (I know! Missing this makes me a terrible person!)

The Simpsons (Season 5) – “Bart Gets an Elephant” (B+)
Having watched this episode a lot as a kid, I wasn’t that excited to revisit it. Yet I was surprised just how hilarious it is throughout, and how it sent up both friendly-animal movies that dominated the ’90s and entitlement culture.

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