TV Week: 3-9 Feb 2013

Super Bowl XLVII (B+)
One of the most thrilling Super Bowls of all time, though it was interrupted by a momentum-killing blackout and so-so commercials. The best of the sorry lot was easily the heart-tugging Clydesdale reunion set to “Landslide.” Still, the 49ers mounted an epic comeback that just couldn’t quite push them out of the hole they’d dug themselves into, but Beyoncé brought the house down as expected.

Girls – “It’s a Shame About Ray” (A)
Well, I really wanted this show to grab me by the lapels again like it had during season one. I got my wish. Read my review here.

The Following – “The Poet’s Fire” (B+)
Easily the best episode of the series so far. I’m really digging the show’s exploration of Joe’s charisma and how he essentially seduced his followers (and possibly Ryan). The actual love triangle among the core trio of followers is getting totally crazy, which is exactly what I want from this show if subtlety is off the table.

Tosh.0 – “Gingers Have Souls” (B-)
The season 5 premiere was surprisingly bland, as Daniel Tosh is obviously tired of doing this show after 100-plus episodses. The clips and commentary weren’t too great, but the Dr. Phil-esque Web Redemption and his “Sports vs. Consequences” bit were solid.

Modern Family – “A Slight at the Opera” (B-)
An episode divided against itself. Two strong, hilarious stories. Two weak, pointless ones. Read my review here.

The Americans – “The Clock” (A-)
I don’t know how long the show can keep up its well-built tension, but I’m going to keep sticking around to find out. I also love the fluid identities of its lead characters, how one is becoming less loyal and other more daring, but they could switch throughout the course of the episode and the series.

Community – “History 101” / airs Thursdays at 7pm CST on NBC (B+)
It’s finally Oct. 19! While this show will never be the same without genius/prick Dan Harmon at the helm, it’s still funny and I still want to spend time with these characters. Haters to the left.  

Lost to the timing, to get caught up on in a marathon: Legit, Parks and Recreation

The Simpsons (Season 5) – “$pringfield” (A)
I am a complete idiot, because last year when I made my list of The Simpsons’ 10 best episodes, this didn’t even crack my 50-episode longlist. This is easily one of the bleakest and most hilarious episodes the show has ever done and perhaps the ultimate example of how easily swayed Springfield can be. Even a deleted scene from the episode is amongst the best ever.

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