What I Watched This Week: 31 Oct 2021

Succession – “The Disruption” (A)
Shiv, understandably, goes scorched earth on Kendall. But as always, all their outsized reactions are based on internal emotional wounds. That the show can execute this perfectly, and also have a big FBI raid and a disastrous late-night talk show simultaneously, is why it’s the best thing on TV right now.

Curb Your Enthusiasm – “Angel Muffin” (B+)
The plotting, such as it is, is classic Curb. Though once again it feels like two separate stories smushed together. Still, when things are this funny, it doesn’t much matter.

Seinfeld – Season 2 (A- average)
While it still hasn’t fully incorporated Kramer into the ensemble, the show already knows exactly what it is, delivering the perfect dissection of everyday minutiae it’s so known for.

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