What I Watched This Week: 27 Nov 2016

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Skyfire Cycle” (B+)
Another consistently funny episode, though nothing will be as funny as Holt shouting “BONE?!” at the top of his lungs during a 40-minute rant.

This Is Us – “The Trip” (A)
The show has its first great episode as Randall takes a shroom-aided trip to reconcile with his parents. It’s powerful stuff.

Designated Survivor – “The Results” (C)
After airing its best episode just before Thanksgiving, the show returns with a messy, overstuffed episode. If it keeps trying to spin this many plates, I’m likely to bail at mid-season.

Triumph’s Election Watch 2016 – “The Finale” (A-)
A great ending for one of 2016’s most bizarre but most needed specials. It manages to make plenty of solid jokes at both Hillary and Trump’s expense, while still reveling in the WTF of it all.

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