What I Watched This Week: 24 Nov 2019

The Simpsons – “Thanksgiving of Horror” (B+)
More bonkers and scary than the last several years of Halloween specials, this holiday special was a pleasant surprise.

Watchmen – “This Extraordinary Being” (A)
Radically reinvents the superhero origin in just under an hour, dispensing vengeance with an extremely complicated figure at its center.

Silicon Valley – “Tethics” (A-)
Brilliantly exposes the bullshit commitment to ethics tech companies claim to care about but never do. Gilfoyle and Monica’s feud with HR comes to an hilarious (and unethical) end, while Dinesh’s trip to paradise becomes hell on earth.

Modern Family – “The Last Thanksgiving” (A-)
Quite literally has too many cooks in the kitchen, but it also represents the show at its quick-witted best.

Sebastian Maniscalo: Stay Hungry (B)
A little less, “You believe what these young people are doing?” than his last special, but it still can’t help but feel a little retrograde.

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