What I Watched This Week: 24 Jun 2018

Westworld – “The Passenger” (B+) / season finale
I’m past the point of caring about these characters, and with all the deaths it seems the show might be as well. Of course, Season 3 could just bring everyone back. But this remains the prettiest show on TV; every dollar is up there on the screen. And while this 90-minute finale is kind of a mess, it’s still satisfying and features some breathtaking biblical imagery, which is odd for a show that’s only interested in religion in the abstract.

The Handmaid’s Tale – “Holly” (B+)
A solid bottle episode, though it does feel like a bit of filler. It didn’t necessarily need to be a standalone thing. If it’s eligible, this might be Elisabeth Moss’s Emmy episode.

Arrested Development – Season 5, Part 1 (B average)
About on par with Season 4, though it’s weaker in some ways but a lot stronger in some others. Thus it evens out to being better than average, but nowhere near as good as the original run, just like before.

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