What I Watched This Week: 24 July 2016

The Night Of – “A Dark Crate” (B+)
The specter of Michael K. Williams’ King looms large over Rikers Island, just as a prestige-chasing lawyer (Glenne Headley) swoops in to take over for Stone. All that, plus gross close-ups of Stone’s feet.

Casual – “The Lake” (B)
Valerie finally learns to let go and Alex does the right thing for once. But it will be interesting to see if that actually makes things worse for them.

The Night Of – “Subtle Beast” (A-)
Let’s take a minute to praise Bill Camp. This tremendous character actor is finally getting a lead role (as Detective Box) and he’s sinking his teeth into it. There aren’t really any tics or prejudices to lean into, but the character’s brilliance is in how he keeps subtly pushing people to get the answers he wants. This is just the tip of the iceberg in what an embarrassment of riches this show is.

The Office (Series 1)
“The Quiz” (B+)
“Training” (A-)
I don’t know how one’s favorite character could be anyone besides Tim. Martin Freeman is just so effortlessly above the corporate B.S., he’s marvelous. And his unrequited love for Dawn always feels genuine and not pathetic. But really, I could just listen to David sing inappropriate songs act work all day.

The Wire (Season 5) – “Unconfirmed Reports” (A-)
And here’s the moment where McNulty, whom I missed so much in Season Four, crosses the line, and I can’t support him anymore. You could chalk up his previous screw-ups to laziness or selfishness or sometimes even nobility. But what he does at the end of this episode is pretty reprehensible. That means Gus is now my favorite character, especially since he sees right through Scott’s façade.

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