What I Watched This Week: 23 July 2017

Twin Peaks – “The Return, Part 11” (A)
Arguably the best episode so far, if you’re like me and have been looking for a balance between Dougie and catching up with everyone else in Twin Peaks. I didn’t know I’d be so invested in Bobby or find Jim Belushi so terrific. Hopefully this accelerates us through the back half of the season.

Chris Gethard: Career Suicide (A+)
The rare comedy special that both hilarious and genuinely moving. Chris Gerhard’s one-man show about his struggles with depression and suicide attempts should be shown in every school in America.

Oh, Hello on Broadway (A)
Jam-packed with jokes about everything from theatre to tuna to Steely Dan to the Holocaust, and the audience only got offended at a joke that implied a dog might get eaten. This Broadway show is certainly an acquired taste, but I was in stitches almost the entire time.

Tour de Pharmacy (B+)
Exceedingly silly, but I’m so glad there’s a place for something this dumb and specific in the world. The Lance Armstrong bits don’t rub me the wrong way like they did for other people, mostly because I like the nature of the joke. But God bless whoever picked out Jeff Goldblum, Danny Glover, Dolph Lundgren and Julia Ormond for the older versions of Andy Samberg, Daveed Diggs, John Cena and Freddie Highmore, respectively.

Five Came Back (A)
A truly impressive documentary series that every serious cinephile or history buff should watch at least once.

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