What I Watched This Week: 20 Sept 2015

The Mindy Project – “C is for Coward” (B+)
That’s more like it. Mindy finally has her baby, but it’s done in a purposefully anti-climactic way. All the planning in the world can’t build you a cocoon from the world. Plus, the Duplass Brothers show up to gleefully mock the superiority of “natural births.”

The Muppets – “Pig Girls Don’t Cry” (A-) / series premiere
Haters to the left. This more adult take on Jim Henson’s greatest creations isn’t destroying my childhood at least. I’m reminded a lot of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (and 30 Rock, too) and that’s just fine with me. It’s quick-witted, but still has plenty of room to grow. I’m in. Also, I haven’t seen a more accurate scene in a sitcom this year than Statler & Woldorf covering their ears during an Imagine Dragons performance.

How to Get Away with Murder – “It’s Time to Move On” (B+) / season premiere
Unlike last year’s finale, this has just the right level of ridiculousness and left turns, revealing Jessica’s real killer (Bonnie, in an act that recalls Doug Stamper’s militant level of devotion in House of Cards) and Annalise’s bisexuality (in a steamy smooch with a former colleague played by Famke Janssen). But that flash-forward? That’s the level of WTF-ery this show is known for.

The Simpsons (Season 9) – “Bart Carny” (B+)
An underrated episode featuring one of the best guest spots ever (the late Jim Varney as shifty carnival worker Cooder). With no B-plot and a hilarious scene after hilarious scene – including one of my favorite sight gags ever: the Yard Work Simulator – this is a step up from some of the recent lackluster offerings of Season 9.

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