What I Watched This Week: 19 Sep 2021

Reservation Dogs – “Satvrday” (A-) / season finale
Slightly more traditional than their past three knockouts, but this was pretty much the perfect finale for this season, and I’m so grateful there will be more to that story.

What We Do in the Shadows – “The Chamber of Judgment” (B+)
Guillermo literally plays a game of thrones, playing Nandor and Nadja off one another. Meanwhile, Colin gets usurped as the No. 1 energy vampire thanks to a MLM pitch. Both storylines are funny, but nowhere near the heights of the last two episodes.

Ted Lasso – “No Weddings and a Funeral” (A)
For an episode that’s all about death, this episode is never a dirge. It’s razor-sharp, ties up a lot of the season together nicely and has a glorious moment of zero cynicism.

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