What I Watched This Week: 17 Apr 2016

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Greg and Larry” (A-) / season finale
Not quite as high as last week’s episode, but that might be the best episode they’ve ever done. This is a solid finale where every joke lands, though it will be interesting to see how the twist plays out next season: will it be over as quick as Jake’s undercover stint, a little longer like Holt’s reassignment, or part of a new serialized direction?

The Mindy Project – “2 Fast 2 Serious” (B)
I know some time is supposed to have passed, but this is too quick to go in this direction for this show. The ensemble hits all their beats, but from a storytelling perspective, I don’t necessarily want a repeat of Season 1 with Confident Mindy.

The Americans – “The Rat” (A-)
This show is so good that even the scene when Philip tells Elizabeth that he told Martha is a little messy, the tension is still sky-high. Alison Wright is just absolutely fantastic this season and next week’s episode could change the whole course of the show.

The Americans – “Clark’s Place” (A-)
Noah Emmerich is proving to be one of this show’s foremost masters of tension. Literally nothing happens in the scene where Martha goes to meet Clark at his apartment, yet I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. And good on him for finding a new way to use “Under Pressure” and to have a sexy, meaningful love scene between Philip and Elizabeth.

Saturday Night Live – “Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Nick Jonas” (B+)
Consistently solid, even if it doesn’t reach some of the highs of the last few years. The CVS game show and God is a Boob Man had me rolling. JLD should host more often.

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