TV Recap: May 22-28, 2022

Better Call Saul – “Plan and Execution” (A) / mid-season finale
A breathtaking episode that pays off every little moment of this half-season so far. Patrick Fabian gives the best performance of his career here, which makes the final seconds that much more devastating.

The Kids in the Hall – Season 6 (B+ average)
Any sketch series is by definition hit-or-miss. While it’s such a delight to have these guys back, this particular season feels almost entirely front-loaded. The first three episodes are packed with laugh-out-loud sketches, while the later episodes have more unusual sketches that don’t produce nearly as many laughs.

Seinfeld – Season 7 (B+ average)
Some of the more wacky episodes feel like the writers trying to do something crazy in hopes that Michael Richards can make it work (which he often does). Still, this season in particular has a mean edge that keeps it from feeling stuck in a rut.

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