TV Recap: July 17-21, 2022

Reno 911! – Season 8 (A- average)
The team hasn’t really missed a beat. I, of course, skipped their Quibi season, because nobody watched Quibi. But this return to 22-minute episodes has made me laugh harder than just about anything else this year. There wasn’t a better sight gag than Jonesy (Cedric Yarbrough) dressed as Frederick Douglass singing Silk’s “Freak Me.” And there wasn’t a funnier episode title than “Dangle’s Mike Pence Challenge Coin.” Even Niecy Nash, who was clearly unavailable for most of the filming, was expertly deployed during the show’s many fake PSAs.

The Rehearsal – “Orange Juice, No Pulp” (A) / series premiere
Nathan Fielder’s brilliant new show absolutely lived up to the hype. Metaphorically and literally constructed with surprises at every turn, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before, not even Fielder’s past work.

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