TV Recap: Jan. 23-29, 2022

Luther – Season 4 (B+)
With only two episodes, it really puts the mini in miniseries. While DCI Luther’s story really wrapped up in the third run, there was still enough here to bring together the horrifying case he’s called back to consult on and the personal suffering he’s experiencing. Of course, I highly doubt the major events that kicked off this two-parter will actually stick.

Seinfeld – Season 4 (A- average)
Its early attempts at serialization aren’t very successful. But there are so many classic episodes in this season that it’s no surprise it won the Emmy.

Yellowjackets – Season 1 (A- average)
What a wild-ass show. Almost everything that happens is entirely preposterous, but the actors are so good that it’s all believable. While the actresses playing the teen versions of the sad adults don’t necessarily look like them, their cadences are perfect. But the real MVP of the show is the music supervisor, who carefully selects every spot-on ’90s needle drop.

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