TV Recap: Apr. 10-16, 2022

Killing Eve – “Hello, Losers” (D) / series finale
I was still a defender of this show, even last season when the shine had worn off. The Season 3 finale would have been the perfect place to end, but the allure of one last ride proved too tempting, I guess. They should have left it alone. The entire driving engine of this season – hunting down the Twelve and recruiting Pam – never felt compelling or even interesting. The last two episodes especially indulged in unearned fan service and “shocking” kills that had zero impact because I’d stopped caring by then. Even a last-minute “twist” wasn’t enough to delight or enrage me. What a shame. A waste of a season, and a complete destruction of serious goodwill.

Abbott Elementary – “Zoo Balloon” (A-) / season finale
A solid ending to a spectacular season. Unlike many shows, this one didn’t need time to figure out its ensemble. It was great from the jump and only got better. It’s the best new show of the year, the best pure comedy of the year, and the best show on network TV in nearly a decade. Give it all the Emmys.

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