The Weekender: ‘Do You Believe’ in Life After Love?

Movie of the Week

It Follows
There’s been nothing but praise for David Robert Mitchell’s inventive horror flick, which tweaks the tropes of the genre for something altogether refreshing and terrifying.

Do You Believe?
• The Gunman

Deli Man – Angelika Dallas
• Merchants of Doubt – The Magnolia
• Metalhead – Texas Theatre
The Wrecking Crew – The Magnolia

Blu-ray Pick

Top Five
Top Five
In the funniest movie of 2014, Chris Rock gives himself his greatest showcase to date, in a movie that’s cast every role from the biggest (Rosario Dawson, never better) to the smallest (Ben Vereen, heartbreaking as Rock’s deadbeat dad). It’s a razor-sharp comedy that gives a dozen undervalued black actors great, meaty parts to play. If only the rest of Hollywood would take notice.

Annie (28%)
Exodus: Gods and Kings (28%)
Penguins of Madagascar (72%)
Son of a Gun (60%)
Song of the Sea (98%) – Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Feature
The Way He Looks (91%)

Turn (Season 1)

Aguirre, the Wrath of God
The Greatest Story Ever Told
Hester Street
The Lady from Shanghai
The Mark of the Devil
My Girl*
Ride the Pink Horse [The Criterion Collection]
The Soft Skin [The Criterion Collection]
Troop Beverly Hills
Vice and Virtue
The Wild One


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