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The Weekender: ‘Snow’ Blind

Movie of the Week Snowpiercer* Burned out by all the summer blockbusters so far? Go see Snowpiercer and leave the theater the way you’ve hoped you would after all these other movies that are way too obsessed with setting up … Continue reading

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2013 in Review: The Worst Films + Special Awards

As many wonderful films as I saw in 2013, there were plenty of terrible films, too. In something of a shock, more of these atrocities came from independent distributors. Just goes to show that greatness and dreck can come from … Continue reading

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Roger & Me

Like many other film critics of all ages, creeds and genders, I owe an enormous debt to Roger Ebert, one that cannot be paid back in a written appreciation like this. But Roger always struck me as someone who remained … Continue reading

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