Fall TV Hangout: Week 2

Freaks and Geeks – Season 1

See how you like having Biff as your new dad
“Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers” (A-)
Well, I never thought both Millie AND Bill would break my heart. But here we are in an absolutely brutal episode. Neither event that gives the episode its title are that huge in the grand scheme of things, but isn’t that how we feel when we’re teenagers, that everything has gravity and even actions from others that unintentionally hurt us are the worst pain ever inflicted? All that, plus Mr. Weir freaking out at The Who’s “Squeeze Box.” Man, this show had it all.

The Simpsons – Season 6

Also me on Wednesday
“Bart’s Comet” (A)
I remember this episode, but I definitely don’t remember it being so raucously funny. This is truly a hidden gem in the series. There’s a ton of political jokes that all land, mainly because they still hold true today.

Spaced – Season 1

Everybody hurts
“Ends” (A)
That does it for Season One, and boy was it poignant. Whether they know it or not, it ended with everyone getting what they want. What’s so refreshing about it was how I never felt for a second that Daisy was trying to stop Tim from getting back with his ex because she was in love with him. It truly felt like friendship. And who couldn’t be happy for Brian getting a date with Twist or Mike getting let back in the Territorial Army? Few shows have filled me with joy the way this first one has.

Programming Note: The A.V. Club is taking a two-week break from coverage of Freaks and Geeks. I’ve debated for awhile, but based on how busy I’ll be back in the real world, I think I’m going to join them. Instead, I’ll burn through Spaced and try to finish it before the end of the month, and then start my regular TV viewing. Reviews will be short like in the spring, but I won’t have any impetus to keep up with new shows. It will strictly be based off what I have time for. I’ll also throw in some season recaps of The Newsroom and The Bridge once those are done, plus I’ll have a round-up of all the new pilots.

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